Real Success Stories

All of the stories on this page are from genuine Bootcamp recruits who wanted to share their personal fitness stories and hope to inspire and motivate others to get fit and have some fun!

Nicholas Gillmore

Nicholas Gillmore, Welldone

Total weight loss so far = 3 and half stone, was 17 stone now 13.5

Liam Knox

Liam's Story will follow shortly.

What a fantastic transformation

Kevin Childs

Marathon Man Kev is a Machine, as well as losing lots of weight he has raised a massive ammount for charity, Good effort

Sian English

Sian's story will be posted soon.

Katie Roberts

Ben Green

Dave Barnes

Around 18 months ago I got to a point where I was 17.5 stone and did not have any get up and go left in me. Things needed to change. I started running using a app on my iPod which was a walk run programme. In April 2010 I went to watch my wife's sister run the London marathon and thought to myself I'm going to do that. I trained hard and the weight just fell off. In 2011 I ran it for Children with Leukaemia, which felt amazing. I'm now around the 12.10 point, nearly 5 stone down.
I started combat training with Mike and can't stop. It's such a motivating session, and I can't wait for the next one. My overall fitness is improving massively and I am getting new pb times in my running.

Jenny Jerrom

Mitchell Duncan

Through my teens and early twenties I had always kept myself relatively fit playing football and rugby with a bit of weight training thrown in every now and then for good measure. Over the last 10 years I’d gradually let myself go and stopped all forms of sport as is generally the case work and ‘the pub’ took over. It got to the point at the end of last year when I saw some pictures of myself sat in a restaurant at a friends’ birthday with a huge plate of Chinese in front of me and I couldn’t believe how bad it had got. Later in the year my fiancé gave birth to our son Harry and I realised if I wanted to be able to run around in the park with my son in a few years time I had to do something about it.

I thought about it for a while, made failed attempts at a couple of local gyms and then did nothing again for a couple of months. One evening we had friends over for dinner, during the conversation I had said that I was unhappy about my weight, health etc. Michael told me he was thinking of starting a new type of fitness/exercise Company using what he had learnt from serving as a royal marine and that we could help each other out. I would be the guinea pig for him to test equipment, plan sessions, measure athletic ability, plan nutrition diets etc. and I would lose weight and get fit.

It started on a very cold and foggy evening mid February 2011 at Hornchurch park in Essex. Every 200 yards of running or 5 minutes exercise I’d have to stop a few seconds to catch my breath. It continued like this, one hour sessions 3 times a week for about a month. I started to eat healthier food and smaller portions. We still had a take away treat every couple of weeks with a glass or two of wine.

After that first month I stared to realise I didn’t need to take as many breaks and my breathing was getting better also my clothes were getting bigger. About 2 months ago I had to go shopping for new clothes as the size 38” waist jeans I was wearing on Valentines Day were falling off me. I bought two new pairs of size 32” waist jeans which I’m very happy to say I now have to wear a belt with.

My blood pressure has dropped from 144/95 to 127/85.

I’m getting married abroad soon, and am really looking forward to showing off a bit on the beach. I know my fiancé likes my new shape also as she has said a couple of times it’s like having a new boyfriend all over again.

Next year Michael and I are taking part in the ToughGuy competition which is 10k across farmland, through forests, rivers, a nasty looking mud pit with barbed wire finishing with an army assault course.

Claire Marketis

After having my two child close together I found it really hard to shift my excess pregnancy weight. I had tried all the usual diets but always quickly got bored and put what I had lost back on. In October last year i discovered going commando fitness and have never looked back since. At christmas i started doing 2 personal training sessions with Mike and 2 group sessions every week, mike put me on a 1200 calorie a day diet and my weight quickly dropped off, within 6 months I had lost 30ilbs in weight, 8 inches off my back and 7 inches from my waist and hips!! This has truly changed my life and I will continue to train in this way as I feel fitter happier and healthier then I ever have done before.

Andrew Brewster

I spent eighteen months to lose just over four stone. I achieved this largely thanks to my partner Stacey cooking me freshly prepared meals such as soups rice and pasta dishes, with one healthy sandwich for lunch. While cutting out all my snacking. Dropping my intake to about 1500 calories from dare I say 3000+. After I lost a couple of stone (which happened within a matter of weeks) I started to save the odd treat for weekends so as not to go mad. Over the next year I lost the the rest. In this time i also took up a bit of weight training and within this year 2011. I took up swimming once a week, swimming about a mile each time. Then I was put on to Mike twice a week, through a friend and I haven't looked back my fitness has greatly increased as well as my recovery rate, my muscle mass and tone. Starting weight 16 stone I'm now 11.11. I have put on weight since training with Mike but it's extra muscle which I'm very pleased with.

Brian Robert Thomas

Danny Greiveson

I led a very un healthy life style bad eating habits and smoking. My girlfriend and I stopped smoking together and she was attending boot camp training sessions With Mike. I had no interest in the gym or exercising . I always felt lethargic and had no motivation . She convinced me to try boot camp and I was immediately hooked!! I can't stick the gym I've tried before. I attend boot camp 3 sessions a week and eat a high protein diet and follow a sensible regime. The results are clear in the pictures ! Boot camp has improved my fitness my motivation and my cardiovascular strength . I have achieved such good results in a short time . It's a brilliant out door work out with a fantastic trainer mike. I was able to recently participate in the lactic rush race . All thanks to Mike and the boot camp sessions . Thank you

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